#NPDTheHague18 – Focus on the €25BN NL Data Economy

Val Walsh, SVP Portfolio and Commercial Management, Digital Realty talks about the changing data center landscape, the importance of interconnection, and sponsoring Neutral Peering Days

At Digital Realty we provide the critical digital foundations to help businesses navigate the data challenge successfully. We support the data center, colocation and interconnection strategies of more than 2,300 organisations across our secure, network-rich portfolio of over 200 data centers worldwide. Throughout our history we’ve always had a very strong carrier relationship and our connectivity play was important, but we were not heavily involved in how the interconnection world operated. Most people may know Digital Realty for a traditional wholesale facility operation, but in recent years we’ve recognised the importance of investing and developing our interconnected world further. Through acquisitions, our services have evolved to also offer retail colocation; from a single rack, to hyper-scale data centers.

We realised the expectations for reliable, secure and high-speed data, on-demand 24/7 is constantly growing and so interconnection must be an integral part of our business. With investment and acquisition, today we have a portfolio of hyper-connected, prime sites including London and Amsterdam.

The Netherlands is a key market for us as Amsterdam is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe and interconnection is a fundamental part of what we have to offer here. A recent report we commissioned revealed that the Netherland’s data economy is currently worth €24.64 bn annually. This figure reflects how data is making businesses’ existing services simpler, faster and more reliable, as well as enabling them to open up new business possibilities, such as new operating models, new revenue streams and new markets to enter.

Seamless Transformation

There’s a boom of data thanks to new inventions that increase the speed at which we create and consume data. At the event, we expect to get into conversations about these new ways of doing things – different approaches to Digital Transformation.

As enterprises shift their operations into the cloud we need to collaborate more effectively with the people that make that move seamless. People still want the feel of ‘owned’ connections while they seek out and access services from all over the world. Businesses want to use multiple clouds, they want to flex up and flex down, all with the lowest possible latency.

Today, customers want us to enable all of that, and a key facilitator of this is neutral peering and interconnection platforms. With strong cooperation between internet exchanges, the digital economy has been able to open up; now closer collaboration and smarter interconnection will speed the whole process up and provide more choice in the market.

Chasing the Cloud

We’re seeing the cloud take off in scale in terms of facilities. Retail colocation used to account for a far larger proportion of the real estate, but now cloud Hyperscalers are building out hundreds of Megawatts across Europe and running a huge percentage of the business in Europe. The market is trying to keep up with this, and once again interconnection is key to this, as it is what enables and drives the cloud. Interconnection has become a fundamental requirement.

See you There

We have sponsored Neutral Peering Days because it gets to grips with topics and focuses on discussing new technologies and opportunities – a fluid and fast-changing scene that is an increasingly important part of doing business.

Our Dutch team are busy talking to customers about our co-location and interconnection capabilities, and Neutral Peering Days is key to helping us ensure we are offering the right peering platforms and keeping us in touch with these developments.

We see the event as an enormous networking opportunity where we can strengthen relationships with exchanges, ISPs and enterprises as well as carriers, and we look forward to meeting you there: Look out for Jon Waldron, Account Director from our Dutch team.

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