#NPDTheHague18 – Security through Learning, Sharing, Transforming and Applying

Jair Santanna will be talking about how to solve DDoS attacks on Day Two of the Neutral Peering Days. He was the winner of last year’s hackathon, and, together with NL-IX, he will be coordinating this year’s hackathon ‘What the Hack’  (you can see his photo on the Hackathon home page explaining his team’s winning solution in 2017).

“I’m a passionate cyber security professional. I believe DDoS attack is a problem we can solve as we explore the relationships between elements in the society. It’s a fascinating subject, and it is the area where I am currently expending all my effort.

Collaboration is the key! I’m trying to convince people that the tools I have developed care what is needed for a collaborative solution against DDoS. There are lots of very good technical solutions. I am not inventing a new technical solution. I’m building a platform that allows existing solutions to be even more effective through learning, sharing, transforming and applying. In addition to that I’m trying to convince people to join our efforts together with all the different perspectives and goals. We are definitely making progress, and lately I have been discussing the way forward with Dutch banks, telecoms companies and the police.

The DDoSDB Platform

There is one critical element for solving our problems – DDoS database (DDoSDB.org).  This is a platform for helping victims of DDoS attacks, the academic community, and the security community to share and get access to detailed (but anonymous) information on DDoS attacks. Sharing attack information enables comparison with other attacks, facilitates legal attribution, and also improves detection and mitigation strategies.

I want to engage with other solutions in the market at Neutral Peering Days and try to build some interest and momentum. Technically it is easy to detect attacks and mitigate them, but the key to longer-term success is to share this intelligence. The platform is a perfect way to anonymize the identity of the victims while sharing information and I look forward to telling you more about it.”

About the Neutral Peering Days

On September 13 & 1, the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus in Scheveningen, The Hague will once again set the stage for the Neutral Peering Days.The Neutral Peering Days 2018 will bring together NL-ix members and partners and the international peering, ICT & interconnection community. For two days, leading industry experts will share their visions on the latest market and technological developments with senior-level attendees from around the world.

Registration is free at https://www.nl-ix.net/news/#Neutral_Peering_Days_2018

About Jair

Dr. (José) Jair (Cardoso de) Santanna is a lecturer in computer networks, Internet security and big data analysis and currently assistant professor at the University of Twente. He has a passion for public speaking, and recently won an international award as a Scientific Communicator.  He believes that while the world of academia produces a lot of excellent solutions it needs to become much more effective at selling them. jairsantanna.com

For those that might be attending, Jair will also be speaking at the One Conference 2018: ‘Merging worlds – securing the connected future’ in Den Haag on 2nd and 3rd October.



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